Frequently Asked Questions

Town Board Meetings

Monthly Town Board meetings are held the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:30 PM. The Town Hall is located at N10725 County YY Lomira, WI. The Town Chairperson and Clerk are responsible for preparing the agenda. Any items to be placed on the agenda must be received by the Town Clerk or Chairperson by the first Monday of the month.

Town Planning Commission

The Town Planning Commission does not meet on a regular basis

Annual Town Meeting

The annual town meeting is held in April of each year. Voters who reside in the town are able to bring to the floor any topic relating to the Town’s government. These topics can be voted on during the annual meeting by the electors who are in attendance.

Public Record Requests

  • Pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 19.34(1), the following notice describes the organization of the Town of LeRoy, the established times and places at which, the legal custodian from whom, and the methods whereby, the public may obtain information and access to records in the custody of the Town, make requests for records, or obtain copies of records, and the costs thereof.
  • Established times and places
  • The Town does not maintain regular business hours at the Town Hall. Therefore, requests for records should be made as described below.
  • Methods for requesting and obtaining records
  • 1.         Requests for access to a public record may be made orally or in writing, and directed to the legal custodian of the record.  For the Town of LeRoy the legal custodian of records is the Town Clerk. Additionally, the Town of LeRoy asks that, if possible, requests be submitted to the Town Clerk via email: [email protected]
  • 2.         A request for access to public records must reasonably describe the record sought and be reasonably limited as to the subject matter and/or length of time represented by the record. A request may be denied if the particular document is not on file or is exempted from disclosure by state law.
  • 3.         No request will be denied for any refusal to be identified or to state the purpose of the request. However, reasonable restrictions may be imposed on the manner of access to an original record if the record is irreplaceable or easily damaged.
  • 4.         Requesters may be charged the minimum fees below for receiving the following records:
  • – Black-and-white paper documents (per page) ………………………………………………………….$0.25
  • – Color paper documents (per page) …………………………………………………………………………. $0.50
  • – Electronic documents sent via email in excess of 10 pages (per email) …………………… $5.50
  • – Audio/Video/Data discs (per disc) ……………………………………………………………………….. $12.00
  • 5.         For unique or voluminous requests or copies of records other than records described above, requesters may be charged the actual, necessary and direct costs of reproduction.
  • 6.         Requesters will also be charged the actual costs of mailing or shipping any requested copies or reproductions.
  • 7.         If the actual, necessary and direct cost of locating records responsive to a request exceeds $50.00, the requester will be charged a location cost. The location cost will be $20 per hour. Prepayment may be required if total costs of responding to a request exceed $5.00.

Spring and Fall Cleanup Days

The Town sponsors Spring and Fall cleanup days each year. Please look for notices of the cleanup days in the Dodge County Pionier. Large items should be brought to the collection site only during the Spring and Fall Clean up days.

What are the garbage and recycling hours?

Garbage and recycling hours are from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM every Saturday and 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM every Wednesday. All garbage and recycling dumpsters will be locked during non-drop-off hours. Cameras will be installed at the Town Hall to monitor the drop-off site. Anyone violating the new days and times will be subject to a fine. Do not place bags on ground by dumpsters.

Recycling – All items must be cleaned before you deposit them. No plastic bags of any kind can be put in the recycling dumpster. We also recycle paper and cardboard. Cardboard boxes should be broken down before putting in the dumpster.  Refuse and recyclable material placed in collection carts or dumpsters for collection, or otherwise set out for collection, may not be removed by any person or entity other than a resident or agent of the premises from which the item came, or by the authorized waste hauler.

Holiday hours may vary. Please check the calendar for special holiday hours. Cost for garbage is up to 15 gallon bags – $1.50, 15-30 gallon bags $2.50, and 30-55 gallon bags. $3.00. There is no cost to recycle paper, magazine, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum. There is also a special dumpster for steel at no charge.

Elections/Absentee Ballots

All elections are held in the Town Hall. Times and dates will be posted in official notices in the Dodge County Pionier. You may register to vote at the time of the election. To receive an absentee ballot you will need request one in writing and mail to Sandra Porter, N10725 CTY YY, Lomira WI 53048 or contact Sandra Porter (920) 583-0201 with any questions.

Can the Town Hall be rented for special occasions?

Yes, the Town Hall is available to rent for your special occasions. The cost is a $100.00 which includes a $50.00 deposit for town residents, $200.00 for non-residents which includes a $100.00 deposit. One check should be written to the Town of LeRoy for deposit and rental. The deposit amount will be returned if everything is in order. Contact Linda Schraufnagel at 920-948-4714 to book the hall. Please sign the rental agreement, which is on the Town Website under forms along with your check.

Do I need a permit if I am adding a driveway or altering my current driveway?

You do need a permit for adding a driveway or for altering your current driveway. The cost is $30.00. You can get the permit on this web site under the permits tab or Linda Schraufnagel (920) 948-4714. All driveway permits need to be approved by the Town Board at a regular monthly meeting. The completed form and $30.00 must be turned in to Linda at least 1 week prior to the monthly meeting date.

Do I need to license my dog?

All dogs over six (6) months of age in the Town of Leroy must be annually licensed. The license may be obtained from the Town Treasurer. State law requires all dog owners to provide rabies certificates of vaccination from a veterinarian at the time of application for a dog license. No licenses are issued without the proof of rabies’ vaccination. License fees – $3.00 neutered or spayed, 8.00 for unneutered or unsprayed. Please contact Bryant Halverson at (920) 904-3748 for more information.

Who do I contact if I have a stray dog on my property?

Contact Dale Klueger at (920) 948-7181 or Linda Schraufnagel (920) 948-4714.

Do I need a building permit?

Contact Robert Froh at Kunkel Engineering at 920-382-6202 to verify that you do need a building permit. Most remodel projects (new roof – if the pitch of roof is not changed, doors, windows – cannot extend past overhang of house, etc.) do not need a permit. You may also need a permit from Dodge County. Contact Dodge County Land Resources and Parks Department for a county permit (920) 386-3960.